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Passionate About Inspiring Others

 With a decade of media experience in public relations, radio promotion and social media, content creation, graphic design and brand development, Battle Tested Consulting came to be. Now, putting my years of experience to work with proprietary techniques and industry leading contacts I am, "making connections and delivering results." I take pride in offering premier services to my clients by helping advance their voices on various media platforms with engaging content and branding tools. My national media exposure and creative content marketing on social media provide a powerhouse visibility in every aspect of your personal reach. 

Brian Layne, Senior Partner

Brian is our director of Social Media Development and Content Creation. Over the past 5 years Brian has mastered the art of algorithm on various social media platforms to bring maximum viewership and growth to pages and profiles. Notably Brian has worked with large consumer based pages and blog sites like God.tv, The Underground Movement, RecoveryRadio.fm, The Bad Christian and more... managing accounts with over 1million followers viral content creation is key, and that is where Brian's expertise comes in to play. He is an Army Veteran and the Founder/CEO of YouCreative and we are proud to call him a Senior Partner at Battle Tested Consulting. 

Kyle Wurzel, Senior Partner

Kyle is an elite photographer that is highly sought after in the branding industry. Frequently booked out a year in advance during major expos and events. He has worked with breaking brands and industry titans within the health and fitness community. His style and brand appeal has quickly earned him acclaim and status as a photographer and artist. Kyle literally brings brands to life by taking in the smallest details to advance messaging and appeal direct to the consumer. 

The Underground Movement

Jason Beardsley | Former Joint Special Operations - Green Beret | Founder - The Underground Movement


I served in the military for over 20 years. Honoring God and country I worked as a Special Forces and Intelligence Operative and Counter Terrorism Expert. With lives on the line its imperative to understand and accurately asses people. While working closely with Andrew, he demonstrated integrity and professionalism earning my trust and confidence. With such trust and skill it was ready to bring Andrew in to help improve both my personal brand and the social media for my clothing company, The Underground Movement. With Andrew executing deliberate strategies and proven processes we have seen a 60% increase not only on our social media engagement but also in unique hits on our retail website as a result of Andrews social media guidance. Andrew is a media monster and I love having him on my team.


Warrior Angels Foundation

Adam Marr | Former US ARMY Officer | Co-Founder Warrior Angels Foundation 


With Andrew our organization has seen our best metrics to date across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). We increased our following on Facebook alone by 33% in one month! Our organizations recent rapid growth on social media is without a doubt due to the implementation of his strategies, recommendations, and tips. If you are looking to elevate your "Social Status" then look no further."

Genetic Edge Compounds

Brad Howard | Founder & CEO | Genetic Edge Compounds


At GEC we’ve had a great team of sales professionals from the beginning. With today’s constant evolution and change we quickly realized marketing wasn’t our strong point.  We reached out to Andrew and with his expertise and strategies, he was able to take a huge workload off our team so we could concentrate on our day to day tasks and leave all the marketing, design, and media up to him which is what he does best! Giving us the ability to reach new sales and clients by expanding our social media presence. 

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